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Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23
Babolat  Air Viper 23

Babolat Air Viper 23

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New Babolat Air Viper, racket with a high but very balanced balance. This incredible racket is part of the new collection of shovels Babolat 2023. A hybrid format provides a perfect balance between power and control.

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New Babolat Air Viper 2023, power and a very light racket.

The Babolat brand has presented its new collection of Babolat rackets 2023, among which is this incredible Babolat Air Viper. It is presented as a completely new racket as far as the mold and materials are concerned. His shape is teardrop although the balance is lower than his partner Babolat Technical Viper. As far as composites are concerned are also all novelties, from the rubber to the fiber and finish used.

Starting with the tubular, it is made of 100% carbon. In the plane of this Babolat Air Viper, the brand has opted for 18K carbon seen an option never before used in the blades Babolat. As for the internal rubber, Babolat has managed to include different densities Inside a novel EVA rubber of three densities, where the two outer layers provide rigidity, and therefore power in the most demanding strokes, and the inner layer provides a comfortable touch in slower strokes.

On the outside of the new Babolat Technical Viper, we appreciate a rough surface of sandy touch, which improves the effects that we can apply in our game, and therefore a greater control of the ball. It has been chosen to reduce the heart of the racket thus expanding the plane of the same, and including an elastomer that reduces the vibrations that may occur during the game, thus avoiding the risk of injury.

Features of the new Air Viper Babolat , a balanced racket .

All these materials implanted in the new air viperBabolat, make this a racket of the highest possible range. His teardrop shape gives him a high balance, perfect for aggressive players looking for power in the net, and precision at the bottom of the court. The 12K carbon together with this 3-density rubber will offer us a seemingly soft touch in slow strokes, but when we demand an aggressive game we will find the hardness we are looking for in a racket of this type.

Our opinion of the Air Viper of Babolat 2023.

In Stock Padel we like to test the product on our own to be able to give a realistic explanation beyond all the characteristics and materials explained above. As we noticed in the previous Babolat Air Viper, we appreciate from the first moment a high balance, that is, it is the classic big-headed racket that hitters like so much. It is true that thanks to its weight of 365 grams this balance does not become uncomfortable in the game or saturate the arm at any time. This seemed to us a very positive aspect, since other blades with this shape and balance end up being intractable and difficult to move.

As for the touch, we found it curious that although it is not a soft racket much less, if it is true that in the background of the court, slow balls or wall bounces the touch is more comfortable with respect to its predecessor. When it came to uploading to the network we simply fell in love. Compared to the Technical Viper, the Air Viper feels more manageable, we do not know if by the balance or by the weight that is somewhat smaller around 350 grams,

It has everything a left or right player needs. This racket Babolat blue Air Viper is very fast to handle on the volley, the response is fast in each blow and when it comes to finishing we can not ask for more. From our point of view we value it as one of the shovels with more power of this new season.

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