Padel shoes at the best price 2023

Enjoy the best padel shoes at the best price on the market. We have paddle tennis shoes for different levels of experience and any age. Padel shoes can be the best option to improve your level. You will have to choose the brand that best suits your taste and the one that best suits your current level.

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In this category you can find cheaper Padel shoes we have opted for the firm ASICS, Adidas, Babolat, Joma, Munich, Nox, Bullpadel or Drop Shot are brands specialized in footwear, and in recent years it has positioned itself as one of the reference brands in padel sneakers.

We have the Padel shoes at the best price of 2023

If we already have a paddle racket, the next step would be to get a good padel shoe for men or women, you have landed in the right online store.

We have special models in all sizes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find your number through our customer service chat.

Bullpadel not only develops magnificent shovels, but is also demonstrating day after day a great quality and durability in its footwear. You can try on all the models of shoes in our physical padel store Stock Padel in Córdoba.

If you are a fan or an adept at this sport, you will know that a good pair of sneakers is one of the essential pieces to play safely.  In our online store, we offer you paddle tennis shoes, from the best brands, at the click of a button.

Padel shoes with greater durability and performance

If we already have a paddle racket, the next step would be to get a good padel shoe for men or women, you have landed in the right online store.

We have special models in all sizes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find your number through our customer service chat.

The quality of your sneakers to play padel will depend on the price you decide to pay and the quality of the raw material with which they are made.

What kind of sneakers do professional padel players wear?

The best players of the World Padel Tour and the new Premier Padel  circuit use the padel sports made by the most famous brands of padel. This is due to the prestige of these brands that usually use high quality raw material and end up manufacturing perfect footwear to play paddle on synthetic grass surface.

Babolat Jet Premura

This footwear has taken a great leap to achieve the creation of the highest quality and most advanced sneakers on the market, entering the top of the most famous brands in this sector.

These shoes allow us to get the best out of us in each game, not with this, Babolat is the sponsor of World Padel Tour, seal that they show in their footwear.

Drop Shot Mylar XT

These padel shoes offer maximum comfort, along with an exceptional grip.

We have several models of Drop Shot footwear, both for men and women, so we are sure that you will find the perfect model for you.

Joma Ace Pro/ T.Slam

zapatillas cómodas para jugar al padel

The Joma brand offers in its padel shoes, excellent cushioning and stability thanks to its Durability System, which also increases the durability of the sole.

On the other hand, it has a perfect grip and breathability to get a better gaming experience. Finally, it provides support and protection of the foot to avoid injury.

Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly

Bullpadel padel shoes are one of the best brands thanks to their manufacture with the best materials, since they always seek maximum comfort and durability, and all this is achieved using the best components on the market.

Nox AT10 Lux

One of the most striking aspects of the new Nox padel shoes is that they are committed to the health of the players.  They have been analyzed and approved under a clinical team.

In this way, it is possible to guarantee greater protection against injuries and discomfort of the feet, such as plantar fasciitis.

Munich Oxygen, Atomik y Pad X

The Munich padel shoes stand out for having a very light weight and adapting to any type of track, since it has several models of footwear with rubbers on the sole to have the best grip on the tracks.

When choosing your new shoes it is very important that you take into account, mainly, the following factors:

The damping capacity of the model.

Your guarantee of fastening.

And its possibilities of breathability.

Finally, we recommend that you opt for a shoe to play paddle tennis with which you feel identified aesthetically.  This sport has become fashionable and brands launch sophisticated and innovative models on the market. There are many options, don't settle.

Babolat, Asics, Bullpadel and Munich.  In our online padel store, we offer you the best brands of padel shoes for women in the market. In addition, we choose the most stylish models from their collections.

We are aware that it is not necessary to give up the style to practice sports. As we have already told you, you must also take into account technical aspects of the court on which you usually play and, of course, your level of play. Your performance will improve if, behind you, there is a pair of exceptional shoes.

It is important that they cling to the ground and hold your foot in every movement. We also invite you to stroll through our outlet area. Sometimes, we have offers with great discounts on both shoes and paddle tennis clothing.

Best brands of Padel slipper, great value for money

These shoes have the basic characteristics that every padel player is looking for. We found a spike type sole, perfect for the artificial grass of the paddle tennis court.  Asics implants a great cushioning in all its padel shoes, giving us exceptional comfort.

Something as important as the sole is the fabric that holds the foot, offering resistance to friction, durability and security against the different movements we make on the track.

mejores deportivas de padel

The latest in paddle tennis shoes, the firm has developed a padel shoe of the best possible quality. Including its new sole we maximize the grip on synthetic turf. We thank you for your trust in our online store. For our part, we guarantee you to bring the best padel shoes, do you sign up?

Different models of padel shoes for men

Do not fall into the classic mistake that any sneaker can be used to play paddle. Discover our men's footwear collection: you will find models designed for different technical levels, do not hesitate to contact us! There are many customers who write to us commenting that they play paddle tennis with the classic tennis shoes. We always alert them to the error and tell them the reasons.

Discover them:

  • The impact of braking is very different in padel compared to tennis.
  • The length and quantity of the displacements.
  • The number of spins.
  • The pavements of the gambling places are not the same either!

Shoe´s characteristics and composition to play padel

Taking into account the above, we invite you to discover some of the qualities that every good pair of padel shoes must meet:

  • Provide grip to the track.
  • Ensure the support of the foot.
  • Have a suitable sole to withstand the large number of brakes that occur during a paddle game.

What types of sole are there for padel shoes? Which is the best?

Within the types of sneakers to play padel we will find several options of sole, the drawing of this will vary depending on the surface where we usually play padel. The best padel soles are the following:

Spike or clay:

This type of sole drawing to play padel makes a zigzag that favors the grip on artificial grass and maximizes the release of sand accumulated in the sole of your padel shoes.  Undoubtedly, the clay padel sole is one of the best sellers on the market, since it has been the favorite sole of professional players.


This type of sole is perfect for playing paddle tennis on all types of floors or surfaces, whether fast court, artificial turf or quick tennis.  It alternates the herringbone sole so used by the micro taco that is imposed in the latest collections of shoes.

Omni o Herringbone

This sole for paddle sports is widely used when we are not sure what type of paddle court we are going to play. It includes small tacos that work very well on the newest paddle courts.

more comfortable padel sneaker

Best soles to not slip in your padel matches

As we know, the Clay sole is the best option to play padel without the risk of slipping and causing an injury.

This sole is the one that has the most grip on any padel court surface, it is the most demanded within the world of padel and that is why it is the favorite of professional padel players.

Which fabric is more resistant in your padel sneakers?


It is one of the most resistant fabrics that padel sports can wear, undoubtedly one of the most resistant if not the most.


This type of fabric in padel sneakers will always be the most breathable of all. It increases the lightness of the footwear, reducing its weight, increasing flexibility, but as a con, they may suffer deterioration before another type of fabric.

Synthetic leather

This type of fabric offers a high durability, but they also suffer great wear with the rubbing while playing paddle. This fabric for paddle tennis shoes does not offer great breathability.

Use insoles in your padel shoes for maximum comfort

Footgel Dropped

These are the most used insoles in the world of padel, they serve to relieve pain both feet and heel and lumbar.

In addition, these insoles apart from being very comfortable give you the security and tranquility to prevent injuries and thus be able to extend your sports life for longer.

It has a perspiration system and microfiber fabric, the best thing about this insole is that it adapts perfectly to any brand of padel shoes.

Ortholine Template

This insole provides beneficial features for padel footwear. It is made of polyurethane and recycled rubber, thanks to these materials it offers excellent resistance and breathability.

How much should a padel shoe weigh?

Padel sports usually weigh between 240-300 grams, so you feel the lightest inside a paddle tennis court. The lighter the padel shoes are, the less risk you have of suffering an injury and the less fatigue you accumulate.

Jet Premura

These shoes offer you lightness, comfort and flexibility during your paddle tennis matches, as well as great comfort, thanks to their materials and technologies.

Hack Hybrid Fly

This shoe is the best of the Bullpadel brand, it has a light weight to move better on the pitch. It has a mixed sole that combines spike design and cleats to have the best grip inside the track.

The most flexible padel shoes on the market

Babolat Movea

zapatillas de padel en oferta

This footwear is characterized by having great flexibility, stability and comfort so that you can play paddle without worries. In addition, thanks to its innovative technologies it maximizes comfort within a paddle tennis court.

Bullpadel Vertex

The Bullpadel Vertex shoes used by some World Padel Tour players such as Martin Di Nenno, have 2 bending channels to facilitate the natural movement of the foot.

Thanks to its hybrid sole it has a greater ease of displacement within any paddle tennis court.

Nox Hexa

These nox brand sneakers, used by Miguel Lamperti, professional player of World Padel Tour. They have maximum cushioning thanks to their technologies and have the Eva rubber sole. It is the footwear that has the greatest stability and flexibility on the market.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

This brand of padel shoes is the most comfortable to practice paddle tennis. They are made of fiber fabrics to make them more flexible and comfortable for the fit of the shoes.

How long does a padel shoe last?

It is important to know when to change padel shoes to avoid injuries, you have to take into account some of the following factors.

The materials with which the shoes are made, without being more resistant materials then the shoes will last longer on the contrary they will last less time.

Type of court on which you play your matches, if the surface is granite then they are spent before if it were artificial turf

Frequency with which you play, it is not the same to play 1-2 times a week that sports can endure you between 1 year or 2, than to play practically every day, which in that case you have to change shoes at 6 months or 1 year.

Perspiration necessary in your paddle tennis shoes

All padel shoes need to have breathability so that the foot is comfortable and prevent injuries. The technologies that use this type of sports must be apart from breathable also light to have better comfort and feel comfortable on the track.

Joma T.Slam

These shoes are versatile, that is, they combine lightness, perspiration and stability. The shoes ensure 100% foot protection thanks to their lateral pieces that contain in the foot in those areas to avoid instability.

How to know your padel shoe size?

When you are looking for shoes to play paddle tennis you have to take into account your way of playing and the movements you are going to make.

cheapest padel shoes

It is recommended to choose 1 size more than your usual sneakers, so that you overdo it a little, since you are going to slide and have lateral movements inside the track.

Shoes to play padel of different colors

In our Stock Padel store you can find shoes to play paddle tennis of all colors and any brand.

Each player chooses their sneakers depending on the combination of textile they use.  Women usually choose footwear with more striking colors, for example, red, yellow, green, blue. The most classic players choose standard colors such as white or black.

Cushioning in the padel sneaker

The cushioning of the padel shoes is responsible for providing comfort at the time of the tread, stability and the best displacement within the track.

The sole is usually made of Eva rubber so that the cushioning is more comfortable and you do not suffer any injury.

Padel shoes for all levels of play:

High-end or professional level

Taking into account that they are shoes for professional players of World Padel Tour, they seek to have lightness and flexibility to be as comfortable as possible inside the paddle tennis court, breathable mesh so that at all times the foot is airy and reinforced toe to have greater durability and protection of the shoe. And a mixed sole to have the maximum grip in padel matches.


The footwear used for this level needs to have a good grip for the paddle courts.

They have reinforced areas to give it greater durability, apart from having a good perspiration and that they are light since you are constantly moving while you are playing.

Beginner or initiation

Shoes for beginners or gamers starting out in this world should have some of the following features, high-quality materials, advanced technologies, and great design to grab attention.

In addition to a rigid sole to have a greater durability of the shoe and Eva rubber midsole to absorb impacts and have a more comfortable tread.

Within all the shoes for padel on the market, in Stock Padel we make a selection of the padel shoes of man, woman or child.

They are the most resistant shoes on the market, maximum performance for the most demanding players within the paddle court.

In less than 48 hours, you will have your order at home. Sweep the track! Are your shoes suitable for the type of track you usually play on? Slips, ankle sprains and lower performance are some of the consequences of facing a padel match without the right sports shoes.

If you do not know which padel shoes to buy, let yourself be helped by our experts. We are specialists in the sale of accessories, shovels and specific footwear to practice this sport. Take advantage of our experience to choose your ideal padel shoes.

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