ENEBE padel rackets: Best price and quality

Enjoy the best padel rackets Enebe at a good price. We have paddle rackets Enebe for all ages and different levels of experience. The padel rackets Enebe are a perfect option for their quality / price ratio. It only remains to choose your favorite racket and that best fits what your level of paddle needs.

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Enjoy the best carbon padel rackets at a good price. We have Enebe padel rackets for all ages and different levels of experience. Enebe padel rackets are a perfect option for their quality / price ratio. It only remains to choose your preferred padel racket and the one that best suits what your padel level needs.

The best and cheapest Enebe padel rackets


The Enebe 2022 blades have been presented. Enebe is preparing to become one of the most successful brands of the season, after achieving great success with last season's blades. In stock paddle you can find:

Enebe control rackets 2024

It is designed with carbon materials that maintain great handling without sacrificing power in the hits. It is also designed with seasonal colors to maintain a modern aesthetic. It is a racket that stands out for its rapid recovery, ideal for professional players. Fortunately, this shovel is one of the most versatile on the market.

This allows it to be perfectly adjusted to any type of player regardless of their style of play.

Enebe Power rackets for advanced players

We find models as complete as the Combat Ultrasoft padel racket in blue, a control racket thanks to its round mold and contained balance. It is also soft to the touch so it hardly generates vibrations. This type of racket is aimed at players who train 1 or 2 times a week with an average level of play who want to continue progressing in paddle.

Fiberglass has been used for its construction, which generates a more elastic touch and is easier to play with. Inside it incorporates HR3 foam, which gives it a great output and reduces vibrations. So you can play for hours without discomfort.

New collection of padel rackets Enebe 2024

Supra Carbon

The racket that many paddle players have fallen in love with has 24k silverback carbon. This material offers great power. It also incorporates EVA HR3 rubber to reduce vibrations. Another point in its favor is the Triple Bridge heart, a new structure that improves the blade's aerodynamics.

Enebe Aerox Carbon

A versatile racket, its round shape and design provide the padel player with control and precision. Made with 3K carbon and soft EVA rubber, it is the perfect padel racket for those looking for more control in their game.

Combat RSX Carbon

This padel racket is characterized by providing a balance between control and power. Likewise, its structure has been made entirely of carbon and EVA rubber to achieve greater ball output.

Enebe Spitfire

 It has EVA rubber, 6K carbon frames and 3K carbon faces. In other words, its entire structure has been made entirely of carbon with different densities for greater firmness and comfort in the game. Thanks to both features, it will allow you to make shots full of power and control.