Padel rackets for kids at the best price 2022

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We have the best variety of kid´s padel rackets at a good price. We have boys and girls padel rackets for different ages and different levels of experience.

Children padel rackets 2022 may become the best option to improve your level. You will have to choose the one that best suits your taste and the one that best suits your current level.

Best padel rackets for children 2022, light weight.

Being clear that you are starting in the world of padel or on the contrary you are too young for a higher range racket, this is the ideal section to find your paddle racket.

Actually, a racket is the same for both boys and girls. We can find the following models of junior padel rackets:

  • Bullpadel Raider CTR 002
  • Bullpadel Hack Jr 2021
  • Adidas Match Light 3.0
  • Star Fri Metheora Junior

We must bear in mind that most of these Junior rackets are of a low weight that is between 240 grams and 320 grams.

Padel rackets for kids at the best price 2022

When looking for a beginner racket, we should choose a racket made of 100% fiberglass, both tubular and flat. Inside, a soft rubber will provide us with the perfect ball outlet to make you feel very comfortable playing.

Children padel rackets usually have a cheap price, and allow us to get started in padel without making a large investment. Prices will be between €50 and €70

Up to what age is a child's padel racket used?

These types of rackets are recommended for children up to 10 years of age. Depending on the size and weight of the child, we can hold more or less a junior padel racket.

How do I choose a padel racket for children? Initiation

The main factors when choosing the padel racket for children are weight and balance. These two characteristics are very important so that the junior player can play a quality game and feel comfortable on the padel court.

How much should a small child's padel racket weigh?

Between 240 and 320 grams would be the perfect weight for a kids padel racket. This weight loss will prevent

In this purchase choice. If we choose a shovel that is too heavy, the child will have more difficulty making accurate hits, since he loses reaction capacity by having a heavier shovel.

Balance is also important to the player. A padel racket for children with a high balance implies greater weight in the upper part and will provide more power in the hit.

Cuff size of the padel racket should be a little smaller than that of an adult racket in order to have a better grip.

What size is a padel racket for kids?

Today, most measure 45.5 cm, but in the past, they were made in a smaller size.

Padel rackets for children are currently manufactured in adult size, but reducing their weight and the size of the fist.

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