Paquito Navarro

Here you can find the kits, padel rackets and shoes used by the professional padel player Paquito Navarro. Professional material ofl World Padel Tour only in Stockpadel.

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Kits Paquito Navarro

Next we will see the textile that Paquito Navarro uses in his training and padel matches.

Bullpadel Paquito Navarro 2022 clothing

Paquito Navarro padel t-shirt

It is a shirt that is made with very elastic and quick-drying fabrics. On the back it has a reinforced seam for the most aggressive serves.

Thanks to its technology it reduces humidity and perspiration, it is 100% polyester. All the sponsors that sponsor him are reflected on the shirt.

Paquito Navarro padel pants

Francisco Navarro's Bullpadel pants are made with the best materials so that you feel as comfortable as possible on a paddle court.

It has quick-drying fabrics and incorporates 2 meshes inside to give it more agility and movement.

It also has an elastic waist to adapt to the body of any player and they are very breathable.

Shovel Bullpadel by Paquito Navarro

Paquito Navarro's padel racket, Bullpadel Hack 3, is 100% carbon fiber. These materials increase power and control.

They are very technical rackets that are more difficult to handle than any other racket since it is made for professional players.

Bullpadel shoes by Paquito Navarro

Hack Hybrid Fly is the shoe used by the World Padel Tour player, Paquito Navarro.

This shoe stands out for its sole, since it has a new micro-studded rubber skate design, which makes it adapt to any court surface.Highly competitive footwear.

Without a doubt, they are the best of the Bullpadel shoe brand this year.