Women's Padel Racket Bags 2022

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Offers in padel women's racket bag 2022

Next, we will talk about padel bags for women:

Girls as a general rule look for bags or racket bag with a small size and with pink colors, soft blue, where design usually becomes vitally important.

The size of a bag for women ranges between 30 and 50 cm long, with a width between 20 and 40 cm.

Women's padel bags at the best price online

paleteros de padel de mujer

Nox ML10 Women Racket bag

This pallet has an apartment to store 3 padel racket, clothes and sneakers.  In addition, it has another compartment to store 2 more blades that are kept protected thanks to TermoTech technology.

It has a breathable pocket to store the shoes and two sides to store accessories.

Bullpadel Flow Pink bag

This racketbag has a pocket to store 2 paddle shovels, a compartment for clothes and footwear.


Small side pockets to store accessories and personal belongings. In addition to having a central pocket wide enough for all padel clothes.

Head Alpha Monstercombi Pink Racket bag

It is a pallet designed with the best materials on the market, the most innovative. It has large apartments to store your shovels, shoes or clothes. In addition, it has great comfort since you can carry it as a backpack or as a bag thanks to its handles. Finally, it has technologies that maintain the temperature of the blade.

Padel racket bag for girls on offer 2022

In our Stock Padel store we have the best women's padel bags at very affordable prices.


You can find bags of any brand and any color. These paleteros stand out for their striking designs and the materials used, since they are very comfortable.  We have pallets of any size, from the smallest to the largest.


Enter our website or stop by the physical store and choose the one that most resembles your style.

bolsas de padel de mujer

Sizes of women's racket bags with the most beautiful designs

Next, let's look at women's racket bag by size:

Small padel bags for women

The pallets are made of the best materials and have striking designs since it is what women demand the most. You only have to decide the one you like the most and the one you feel most comfortable with.

In Stock Padel we find small racket bag for girls of all brands, these contain departments to store both your shovels and your game equipment as accessories.

Female padel racket bag in pink

The medium padel bags have apartments in which you can store up to 4 paddle shovels, clothes and accessories. It also has side pockets to store footwear.


In Stock Padel you can find medium small paleteros of all colors and all brands. The decision is up to you, we help you and you choose.

Women's padel racket bag of great capacity

These are the largest bags on the market, they fit up to 8 padel rackets, sportswear, sneakers and accessories. In addition, it has side pockets to store the towel.


Adidas Weekend Padel Women's Bag


They are made with the best materials on the market, they are very comfortable since you can carry them as a bag thanks to their handles or as a backpack.


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