Nox backpacks for padel 2024 at the best price

The most economical padel backpacks. We have paddle backpacks for women, men and children, both for beginners and veterans. Nox Backpacks can become the best option to improve your level. It only remains to choose your favorite backpack and the one that best suits your current level.

Mochila Nox Street Grey Mochila Nox Street Grey 2
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Nox Backpacks

Mochila Nox Street Grey

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Mochila Nox Street Black Grey Mochila Nox Street Black Grey 2
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Nox Backpacks

Mochila Nox Street Black Grey

€33.49 €45.00
Nox Backpacks

Nox Pro Series Camel 23 Backpack

€43.45 €55.00
Nox Backpacks

Nox Pro Series Blue Backpack

€43.45 €55.00
Nox Backpacks

Nox Pro Series Black Backpack

€44.90 €55.00
Nox Backpacks

Nox Backpack WPT Master Series 23

Nox Backpacks

Nox AT10 Team Black Red Backpack

€43.45 €54.99
Padel Backpacks

WPT Master Nox Backpack

€49.96 €60.00
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Nox backpacks for the padel racket

Nox padel backpacks are one of the most demanded brands by customers, thanks to the manufacture of their materials and innovative designs.

These backpacks depending on the size have more or less departments to store the sports equipment of padel necessary for your enjoyment of the game.


In addition, these backpacks are made of lightweight materials for weight reduction including padded protections to keep the material safe.

Its padded handles allow you to transport the backpack in a simple way since they fit any type of player.

Nox padel backpacks for girls

Nox padel backpacks for women are perfect to transport your padel materials in a very simple and comfortable way.


In Stock Padel we have all the colors and any type of design from the most classic to the most striking, these backpacks are light, made with high quality materials and have unique and exclusive designs.


In addition , they have enough apartments to carry everything necessary for the practice of padel.

Nox padel backpacks for men

The backpacks of the Nox brand for boys serve to transport things in an easy and simple way  thanks to their padded handles to have greater comfort.


Depending on the size of the backpack, you have more or less compartments to store your clothes and your game utensils, such as racket and balls.


In addition to having airy apartments to store your shoes or used clothes after your workouts or matches. You can also use these backpacks as travel suitcases since they are very comfortable thanks to their materials.

Nox Backpacks of the World Padel Tour


Nox padel backpacks have been designed with technical materials, in order to reduce weight and increase resistance to wear.


They include several apartments to store all the sports equipment necessary to play paddle tennis and its accessories.


ML10 Miguel Lamperti:

Es an official backpack of World Padel Tour player, Miguel lamperti, has several departments in which you can put all the paddle utensils and is also of excellent quality


Nox Pro Series in black or blue, Agustin Tapia

Backpack with an elegant design, with different compartments to store, slippers, shovels and spare clothes.


Nox WPT Open:

It has multiple compartments to store everything you need in a game of paddle tennis. Its finish is ideal for repelling water in case of rain.


Cheap Nox padel backpacks of 2024

If you are looking for cheap backpacks of the Nox brand, in our Stock Padel  store we can help you since we offer you the best Nox padel backpacks at the best price and the same quality as always.


We have Nox padel backpacks, of all sizes, colors and designs, your only concern is to decide which one best suits your style, we will do the rest.