Black Crown 2022 Padel rackets: Good prices

Enjoy the best Black Crown padel rackets at a good price. We have paddle rackets for different levels of experience and any age. The Black Crown padel rackets are a perfect option for their quality / price ratio. You will have to choose the one that best suits your taste and the one that best suits your current level.

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Black Crown is a brand dedicated exclusively to padel. Since its inception in 2010, it has been growing little by little, managing to position itself as one of the leading brands in the market. In the international arena it is one of the brands with the greatest projection, all thanks to its paddle tennis rackets.

Black Crown padel rackets at the best online price

In our Stock Padel online store we can find several types of Black Crown paddle rackets which have the best market price. The Black Crown Piton racket is a round racket that is suitable for players of both a lower level and for players with a high level, it gives us a greater impact area. What makes this paddle racket different is its design since it is the most elegant and different from the other paddle rackets.

Marta Marrero, the flagship player of Black Crown

Since its inception, the firm has wanted to see its products represented by the best players in the world. For this, Marta Marrero among others, have used their rackets demonstrating that it is a product of the best quality. Marta Marrero's racket for this 2022 is the Black Crown Piton Nakano. In our category of padel rackets you can find a wide variety at the best price.

New models of Black Crown padel rackets for 2022


This year the new Black Crown 2022 padel rackets provide the most innovative materials and latest technologies to have better performance.

The colors chosen for the most successful models are SC White EVA or 2TB AIR frame. Next we see some of the best rackets of Black Crown 2022


  • Black Crown Special Power
  • Black Crown Special
  • Black Crown Python 10
  • Black Crown Hurricane PRO


Black Crown rackets for control players

The best racket on the market is Black Crown Piton 10, it is a round-shaped racket to have a better balance between power and control.

The frame is 2TB AIR 80% carbon fiber for greater shock resistance. It is made of two layers of fiberglass, one LOW DENSITY PITON GLASS and the other 3K Carbon.

This racket is versatile for high-experienced players looking to make technical and precision shots.

The Black Crown Pitón, its best-selling padel racket

The brand has been expanding its collection of rackets year after year, but without a doubt, the Pitón model in all its versions has been the most sold. We can find:


  • Black Crown Python
  • Black Crown Python 5.0
  • Black Crown Python 6.0
  • Black Crown Python 7.0

During this 2022 the brand has presented its new blade models, which includes 12K carbon, sandy finish and other very innovative technologies.

Black Crown rackets for power players

Below we see the best Black Crown Special Power racket on the market, it is a teardrop-shaped racket to achieve maximum power in each stroke.


The frame is carbon 2TB AIR and is made with the new 3xPlay Eva rubber. The last layer is made of 15k Power Fiber, this makes the racket have a dry hit to give power to your shots, but at the same time you have good control, it is a very resistant and highly durable fiber.

This racket is made for advanced players who combine high quality shots and power.


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