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During the week of Black Friday paddle from November 20 to 26 we will apply extra discounts to the products that you can find in this category. Shovels and slippers will have the best deals. Meanwhile, you can go looking for our website which products may interest you the most.

The best offers and discounts of Black Friday in Padel 2023. A whole selection of padel rackets, clothes, balls, padel shoes and much more.

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Padel Black Friday has become a key day for all businesses, especially for online stores. From Stock Padel, we have prepared a strong campaign to facilitate the best offers in paddle products to any type of player.

Offers for Black Friday 2023

The best offers on padel rackets for this Black Friday are in STOCK PADEL. If you scroll down you will see all the blades with exclusive sales for a limited time.

black friday padel rackets

Black Friday Bullpadel rackets.

For the Bullpadel brand we focus on the top of the range product in terms of blades. Being able to acquire the following products with discounts for Black Friday extra:

Bullpadel vertex 03 2023 black friday

One of the rackets with more power in the 2020 Bullpadel collection. Without a doubt the most sold shovel by the brand.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2023 black friday

The version padel racket with more control of the Vertex model, without a doubt a very comfortable padel racket to play with.

Bullpadel Hack 2021 black friday

Paquito Navarro's shovel also has a hole on this Black Friday, we sufferers know that this shovel with a good discount is an opportunity that we should not miss.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2022 black friday

Within the Hack range, this would be the version with more control from the Bullpadel firm. Undoubtedly a low balance will allow us to get a control shovel on sale.

Black Friday at Palas Head

In the Head brand we have discounts for black week in several blades such as:

Head Alpha Pro Black Friday Sanyo Gutierrez

We liquidate the great Head Alpha Pro by Sanyo Gutierrez, the cheapest price in online stores.

Head Alpha Motion by Ari Sanchez

It is the model similar to the Head Alpha Pro but with the difference that we reduce approximately 10 grams in weight.

Padel rackets Nox 2022 for Black Friday

In the section of Nox blades for 2021 we offer a wide range of products with irresistible discounts.

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Friday

The best-selling racket of the firm at the best price you can find, click and enjoy this bargain for Black Friday The rest of the products of the new collection of Nox paddle rackets also enjoy various discounts.

Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury 2021

New miguel Lamperti racket for next season, we offer it on offer only for one week.

Nox MP10 Luxury 2022

Mapi Sanchez Alayeto's new paddle racket for next season. an apala nox of control, where comfort is maximum.

Nox MJ10 Luxury 2022

Majo Sanchez Alayeto's new padel pal for next season. The main feature of this racket is power.

Black Friday on Babolat rackets 2023

At Babolat we have several offers for Black Friday, to access them call or visit our physical store in Córdoba, where you can find out about the new products for 2021.

Babolat Technical Viper 2022

New juan lebrón shovel for the year 2021, maximum power in the attack.

Babolat Air Viper 2022

The hybrid shovel of the Babolat brand will undoubtedly be a success next year.

Babolat Counter Viper 

The Babolat control paddle from the new 2021 collection.

Babolat Technical Veron

Babolat Air Veron

Babolat Counter Veron

Babolat Technical Vertuo

Babolat Air Vertuo

Babolat Counter Vertuo

Adidas rackets Black Friday.

In this category we have prepared great discounts on our Adidas paddle rackets, take advantage of this opportunity and get Ale Galán or Martita Ortega's racket at the best price. Specifically, we make a Black Friday Adidas paddle discount greater than usual in the 2020 collection.

Adidas Essnova Carbon 3.0

Our great offer in the Adidas brand for the paddle black week is with this incredible 2020 power racket. Made of 100% carbon, rough touch and unmatched performance, without forgetting the best price on the internet.

Adidas Metalbone Ale Galan

A great offer that we cannot miss if we need Ale Galán's power shovel.

Adidas Adipower Light 3.0 black friday

Finding Martita Ortega's shovel at a lower price is a bargain for all our clients

Adidas Adipower Ctrl 3.0 black friday

Adidas Adipower Attk 3.0 black friday

Star vie rackets on Black Friday

Star Vie Raptor

Star Vie Aquila

Star Vie Titania

These three Star Vie blades are the most demanded this 2021 season, 100% carbon blades designed to perform at the highest level now on sale for Black Friday.

Padel clothing on sale for Black Friday

The best textile to play paddle tennis is in Stock Padel, Black Friday is undoubtedly a perfect week to do your Christmas shopping at the cheapest price.

Bullpadel Black friday clothing

As for Black Friday Bullpadel clothing, we found various boy's sweatshirts and some sports shirts to play paddle tennis. The quality of these garments is guaranteed, and their price is, without a doubt, irresistible.

Bullpadel black friday pants

Bullpadel women's clothing

Black Friday Nox clothing

Within the collection of paddle clothing for men and women by Nox, we find the kits for the 2021 season. Among them, there is the Agustín Tapia shirt on Black Friday

Black Friday women's padel clothing

Girls who play paddle tennis look for clothes to play paddle tennis, and we offer skirts, t-shirts, tops and tights from the most famous brands:



Endless Black Friday

Women's paddle clothing on sale for a week with the best discounts.


Men's paddle clothing on sale for black friday

In Stock Padel we have prepared a great variety of boy's textile for paddle, where you can find sweatshirts, t-shirts, paddle shorts, socks and accessories with great discounts.

Padel shoes on sale for Black Friday 2023

The best padel shoes on Black Friday are in Stock Padel, the most aggressive sales of the season. If you are looking for paddle tennis shoes during the week of Black Friday, we offer you shoes of different ranges to play paddle tennis, from initiation to intensive use. We guarantee that the sole of all of them is specific to play paddle tennis as they are herringbone soles.

Babolat padel shoes during Black Friday

Undoubtedly one of the best shoes on the market are those manufactured by Babolat, where the sole is developed by Michelin. Some of the shoes with sales during this campaign are the following:

Babolat Jet Premura Men 2021 Black Friday deal

Juan Lebrón's shoes, undoubtedly one of the best shoes to play paddle tennis that have been manufactured. We can find several versions in green, Premura APT version or black. Possibly the best paddle tennis shoes designed to date.

Babolat Movea 2023 green

Babolat Pulse 2020

Bullpadel shoes for Black Friday

Bullpadel has launched a great collection of paddle shoes, which we can find in liquidation for Black Friday, among them, several models stand out:

Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly 2021 shoes

Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Apricot 2021 shoes

Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Kaki 2021 Sneakers

Bullpadel Flow Hybrid women's shoes 2021

Padel K-Swiss shoes in Black Friday deals

As for K-Swiss brand shoes, we are talking about high quality shoes with great grip and very comfortable.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Express Light

Black Friday padel Munich shoes

They are one of the most innovative paddle tennis shoes in recent years, and within the collection we find high-end Munich shoes that are very comfortable and with great grip.

Among the Munich padel footwear with discounts for black Friday 2021 we have the following:

Munich PADX 16

Munich Atomik 05

Black Friday in Asics padel shoes, we show them to you!

Asics stands out for its extensive experience manufacturing paddle tennis shoes, where this year it has several models. How are the

Asics Gel Lima Padel

Asics Gel Padel Pro 4

Paddle shoes Nox Black Friday

It is the first year that the Nox brand markets its own paddle footwear, obtaining great success. The most popular models are:

Nox AT10 Lux White Black Friday Shoes

They are the shoes used by Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia or the Sanchez Alayeto twins.

Nox AT10 Black Shoes

Padel bags on sale for Black Friday 2023

The best paddle bags to take your clothes, shovel and shoes to the court at the best price during the week of Black Friday, both small and large. We offer you paleteros on offer of various brands at the best price.

Racketbag bullpadel black friday

babolat black friday paleteros

Paleteros nox black Friday in black and blue

When does Black Friday start for padel 2021?

This time, Black Friday Padel 2023 will be held on Friday, November 26. But Black Friday in Stock Padel will start earlier, from Monday, November 22, and will end on Sunday, November 29. GREAT DISCOUNTS ON PADEL RACKETS, WOMEN'S PADDLE CLOTHING, SNEAKERS ... From the same Monday, November 22, our offers will be available, until Sunday, November 28, 2021. We will have discounts on the main paddle brands, such as: Bullpadel , Nox, Adidas, Star Vie, Paddle Coach, Enebe, Vibora, Head, Munich or K-Swiss will be our most reduced brands on this Black Friday Padel 2021.

You can take advantage of discounts of up to -70% off top brands. Stock Padel will also apply these discounts in its paddle store in Córdoba. In your physical store, the discounts will be higher than in the online store.

Black Friday Padel 2021 will be a great opportunity for all those Cordoba citizens who want to renew their padel material at an unbeatable price. There is very, very little left.

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