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High quality padel backpacks. We have padel backpacks for all ages and different levels of experience. Bullpadel Backpacks are positioned as one of the best options. You will only have to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and that best suits what your level of padel needs.

Mochila Bullpadel Vertex Mochila Bullpadel Vertex 2
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Bullpadel Backpacks

Mochila Bullpadel Vertex

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Bullpadel Backpacks

Mochila Bullpadel Performance Naranja

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Bullpadel Backpacks

Mochila Bullpadel Performance Verde

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Bullpadel Backpacks

Mochila Bullpadel Vertex Roja

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Bullpadel Backpacks

Mochila Bullpadel Hack Negro 24

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Bullpadel Backpacks

Bullpadel Vertex Backpack Black 24

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Best collection of Bullpadel backpacks for padel of 2024

Bullpadel paddle backpacks have a thermal pocket for paddle blades and a department for slippers.

The front of the backpack is rough or hard, this is for people who travel on a motorcycle and do not want to damage the backpack.

In addition, this backpack is made with padded materials so that the player does not feel any discomfort when carrying the backpack. Thanks to its straps the backpack is adaptable to any player.

bullpadel backpacks

Best Bullpadel backpacks at the best price online in 2022

In our store Stock Padel we have a wide variety of Bullpadel backpacks at the best price. We have backpacks from € 30 to € 63, depending on the size your price varies.

Next, we will show you the models of which we have less at a higher price:

Bullpadel Performance Backpack for Kids

This Bullpadel backpack is one of the smallest, measures approximately 46 centimeters, has a small front pocket to carry your accessories such as the mobile, the keys or the wallet.

It has a large apartment to carry your paddle equipment, both the shovel and the clothes and finally the back along with the handles are padded to give you greater comfort.

Backpack Bullpadel Vertex Juan Tello or Martin dinneno

In Stock Padel we have this backpack that has approximate dimensions of 50 centimeters, has a padded front pocket to store all kinds of objects, also has a special department to store the computer.

On the other hand, it has grid pockets to store your accessories such as keys, wallet or mobile.

Its rear compartment with thermo protector that sticks with the back has a space to store up to 2 padel rackets. Finally, it has an apartment to store slippers and dirty clothes.

bullpadel backpack black on offer


Backpack Bullpadel Hack by Paquito Navarro

This backpack is perfect to transport everything you need, not only your paddle utensils but also clothes for when you go on a trip.

This backpack measures approximately 50 centimeters and has a rigid front department to store and protect your computer.  It has several compartments to store your laptop, paddle rackets, slippers and accessories.

The back of the backpack is padded along with its handles to have better comfort when transporting it from one side to the other.

Bullpadel backpacks for women with design

Bullpadel backpacks offer you different colors, sizes and capacity to store your sports equipment and other products.

The materials used are the best on the market, as they stand out for their quality and the use of the latest technologies.

In Stock padel you can find Bull Padel backpacks of women of different colors, you decide which is the one you like the most and with which you feel most identified, do not miss the opportunity to choose your Bullpadel backpack.

Bullpadel cheap backpacks for men

Bullpadel backpacks for men are light, have a padded pocket to store your paddle shovel, or to store your textile, has side pockets to store ball canister or any type of accessories.

It is a backpack that serves you both to carry your padel materials, as a suitcase to store your clothes if you want to make a trip, it is very easy to transport since it has straps that are adjustable for any type of person.

In Stock Padel you can find your backpack of any color and any size, in your hands is the choice of your Bullpadel backpack.