Cheapest Adidas padel rackets of 2022

In this category we show you all the padel rackets Adidas of the 2021 season and some rackets in liquidation. Among them you can find paddles of power or control, with a high or low balance, and round shape, teardrop or diamond.

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In this category we show you all the Adidas padel rackets of the 2022 season and some rackets in liquidation. Among them you can find power or control rackets, with a high or low balance, and with a round, teardrop or diamond shape.

After several years of R&D, the Adidas padel brand has developed a new collection of completely innovative rackets for this 2022. One of the main features in the new adidas rackets has been the incorporation of aluminized carbon into several of its models, giving it a very striking aesthetic, while providing a characteristic hardness in the rackets for this new season.

The cheapest Adidas padel rackets of 2022 in our store

In our online padel store you can find all the models of the adidas 2022 collection at the best price. The best discounts can be found within our page.

All Adidas 2022 shovels have a discount, which can be seen extended on specific occasions. When buying a paddle racket, we must not only look at the price, but we must also take into account all the characteristics that make that racket. Within the Adidas 2022 collection we are going to analyze the ranges that exist.

Economic Initiation Range:

To start in this sport, you need to feel comfortable with your racket, that's why you need to look for a racket with the following characteristics: soft rubber, to have better ball output, light weight to have better agility and movement and last but not least It is important that the racket has high quality materials, since it is necessary that the racket is made with resistant materials.

  • Adidas Drive Evo
  • Adidas Match
  • Adidas Match Light
  • Adidas Rx 200 Light

Intermediate level at a good price

 At the intermediate level, control is emphasized more than power, to be able to handle and have precision during the game.

  • Adidas Adipower woman lite
  • Adidas Metalbone Lite
  • Adidas Adipower CTRL

Cheap Advanced Level

At this level of play, the rackets are made with the best materials on the market such as titanium or carbon, among others, so that the racket lasts longer.

  • Adidas Adipower Light
  • Adidas Metalbone CTRL
  • Adidas Metalbone HR

These are the best Adidas padel rackets of 2022

Adidas offers us a wide variety of blades, where the differences range from carbon fiber, fiberglass and alutex blades, to variations in shape: teardrop, diamond or round blades. If our level of play is high, we could choose an Adidas padel racket from the range.

Adidas control padel rackets:

Among the rackets with more control of the new collection of the Adidas brand are the following:

  •  Adidas Metalbone CTRL
  •  Adidas Adipower CTRL

Power Adidas padel rackets:

If, on the other hand, we need a more powerful padel racket for our game, from Stock Padel we recommend the following rackets:

  •  Adidas Metalbone
  •  Adidas Adipower Attack
  •  Adidas Essnova

If our level of padel is good but not so high, we can opt for the Adidas Carbon or Supernova range. Another of the great features of the extensive Adidas collection is the set of initiation padel rackets, giving the customer the possibility of buying a padel racket from €55. So Adidas allows us to start playing paddle tennis thanks to its cheaper rackets.

Women's Adidas rackets, light weight.

Adidas also differentiates itself by having a series of padel rackets for girls. In these models, the firm offers the possibility of obtaining a lighter weight padel racket with a youthful and sporty design. Therefore, buying an adidas women's padel racket is usually a great option for them.

Adidas rackets for women are designed with materials and weights to suit the needs of female paddle tennis players.

With this racket you will be able to get the most out of your game since they are created to favor handling and provide more energy in each hit with more adjusted weights, which makes for greater comfort.

  • Adidas Adipower Light by Marta Ortega

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