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We have the best brands of padel rackets, whether for beginner or veteran players. You will also find specific blade models for men, women and juniors.

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In our online padel racket store you can find padel rackets at the best price on the internet. We have padel rackets of all kinds, for all levels and with different characteristics. Use the Price, Brand, Balance, Level or Shape filters. This way you will quickly find the ideal padel racket that will make you enjoy your matches to the fullest.

How to choose your padel racket at the best price? Control or power?

Choosing a padel racket depends on various factors. Mainly we must take into account the level and type of game in which we find ourselves. We can differentiate between power or control padel rackets. The difference between one or the other will be related to the materials with which it is made. The most used materials are fiberglass and carbon, although there are others such as graphene, aluminum or alutex.

If it is about defensive players, in our online padel racket store we recommend round-shaped rackets, and depending on the level that said player has, they will opt for a racket made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. An intermediate option would be to choose tear-shaped rackets with a carbon frame, but with a fiberglass top. As a result we would have a soft touch in each touch, but with the robustness against impacts of a high-end padel racket.

In addition to the factors that we have already presented to you in previous sections, we suggest that you take into account the season of the year in which you are going to practice paddle tennis: cold and heat also have a lot to say about which paddle tennis racket to choose: rackets with soft or hard eva.

As you already know, many materials see their hardness transformed depending on the temperatures, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to advise you. To start with our advice service, if you continue reading, we offer you some tips that will help you buy your padel racket online.

The best padel rackets at your fingertips in 2024

We seek to offer our customers the best padel rackets on the market. This sport has become one of the most practiced by those who are looking for a medium-impact activity. We allied ourselves with the best brands of padel rackets and we searched their catalogs to be able to approach the right tool: the one that will respect your constitution and technical level. Both aspects are vital to opt for one shovel or another.

The number of fans who practice padel grows year after year worldwide. We share this passion and we want to infect you with our love for this sport. We only work with the highest quality paddle rackets:


We all know the great brand of Bullpadel rackets, where each season presents a very innovative new collection, although some of these Bullpadel rackets are already known as:

• Bullpadel Hack 03

• Bullpadel Hack CTRL 03

• Bullpadel Vertex 03 2022

• Bullpadel Vertex Control 03

These are the 4 rackets with the highest demand for the brand, both for women and men, these are the best Bullpadel rackets of 2022. These 4 models are made of 100% carbon, that is, both its tubular and flat.

These rackets are used by some of the best players on the World Padel Tour Paquito Navarro, Alejandra Salazar or Martin Di Nenno among others.

Star Vie

One of the leading racket brands at a national level, it has in its ranks players of the stature of Javi Garrido or Bea Gónzalez, hence the following rackets are the best sellers of the brand:

• Star Vie Raptor

• Star Vie Metheora Warrior

• Star Vie Aquila Pro

• Star Vie Titania Pro

• Star Vie Triton.

All of them are made entirely of carbon, with or without roughness, and in different shapes: round, teardrop or diamond. A characteristic to take into account of the professional level star vie rackets is the roughness they have. This roughness is mold, which means that it does not disappear with use, and of course the effect it gives to the ball is much greater than other types of roughness such as sandpaper or decal roughness.

Paddle coach

Great racket brand, which returns to the market with its new collection consisting of:

• Tritubox

• Bitubox

• Air box

• Satelite

• Bigboss

Adidas padel

The classic sports firm has been betting very strongly in recent years on this sport and with a clear objective: to manufacture the best padel rackets on the market. This is reflected in the number of high-level players that make up his team: Ale Galán, Martita Ortega, Alex Ruiz and Seba Nerone, among others.

These professional players of the World Padel Tour, use the following Adidas padel rackets

• Adidas Metalbone HRD

• Metalbone CTRL

• Adidas Adipower Light 3.1


One of the brands that has grown the most in recent years, being able to see players like Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti or the Sanchez Alayeto twins within its ranks. These players use high quality products such as the following rackets:

• Nox ML10 Bay

• Nox AT10 Genius Arena 18K

• ML10 Shotgun

• MP10 Luxury.

Nox also has cheap 2022 rackets in its catalogue, thus making the sport accessible to any amateur player with a low budget.


The Víbora firm continues to be successful with its classic models:

• Black Mamba Viper

• Vibora Yarara.

100% carbon blades for the most demanding players.

Black Crown

The young company has managed to position itself well in the padel racket market, and currently offers a very good quality product at very competitive prices. Models such as the classic Pitón 4.0 and its following versions are among the best-selling padel rackets of 2022

Padel rackets for men and women of all levels of play

As we have already told you, your level of play will be decisive when choosing your new padel racket. We imagine that you already know that the higher your level of play, the more expensive it will cost you. However, at Stock Pádel we search the market to bring you the best racket prices without this meaning a loss of quality.

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you start training and playing with some easier to control initiation padel rackets. Once you control your game, you can get an intermediate level shovel. If, on the other hand, you move at the advanced level, do not hesitate to enter our catalog, we have the ideal shovel for you.


We could classify our rackets at lowest prices ranges, always with offers

The cheapest rackets are between €40 and €60. These are basic but very cheap shovels.

If we increase our budget we can get mid-range rackets that range from €70 to €100. Above €100 we find professional or advanced level blades with carbon as one of the main materials in its composition.

Based on our experience and customer feedback on rackets, these aspects are crucial in determining which racket to purchase. Our team of experts will be able to advise you both by phone and through our online customer service chat. One of our objectives with the expansion of our physical business to the digital world is to send you our paddle tennis rackets online, wherever you are so that you can enjoy this sport.

The cheapest padel rackets of 2023 are in our online store.

Our trajectory as a paddle shop supports us and makes us aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the blade brands in the sector. Therefore, we guarantee an exclusive selection of rackets of guaranteed quality at the best price.

On the other hand, we are very proud of our catalog: suitable for different budgets and levels of play. We advise you to take into account aspects such as the balance or weight of your new padel racket before buying it.

Characteristics and our opinion of the 2023 padel rackets

In our catalog, you can find proposals aimed at different types of audiences. We want to inform you that your perfect paddle racket must meet a series of characteristics depending on:

• Playing style.

• Game level.

• Physical condition.

It is vitally important that you take these factors into account and do not fall into the temptation of choosing a racket that exceeds your capabilities, you could injure yourself! We invite you to practice this, and any other sport, respecting your body and possibilities. Pushing yourself to the limit could cause wear and tear on your joints.

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