Cheapest Varlion padel rackets of 2022

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Enjoy the best Varlion padel rackets at a good price. What padel racket to buy? At Stock Padel we have Varlion paddle rackets for different levels of experience and any age. The Varlion padel rackets can become the best option to improve your level. You will have to choose the one that best suits your taste and that provides you with the best features according to your needs.

Best Varlion rackets at the best price 2022

The new collection of Varlion 2022 padel rackets has managed to surprise everyone, not only because of the wide variety of models, but also because of their prices.

This brand has always had a high potential in the padel environment both for its high quality and its great performance in its blades.

The cheapest power Varlion rackets online

This year's varlion racket collection has great quality and irrefutable prices. Don't miss out on these magnificent discounts on varlion 2022 rackets. In stock padel we can offer you these three rackets that will undoubtedly surprise you.

  • Varlion Avant ITSV Soft
  • Varlion LW ITSV Soft
  • Varlion LW ITSV Hard.

The most powerful Varlion blades on the market.

Taking into account that we are looking for a padel racket that gives us an exit from the ball, we have to take into account that it has great performance at each point and a soft touch.

Also, something very important when buying a power racket is its sweet spot, something that will give you a lot of play in your matches. This type of rackets are ideal for players who take their first hits on the paddle.

Mike Yanguas' Varlion racket 2022

Next we are going to discover the racket that Mike Yanguas plays with, it is the Bourne Summum Prisma racket. Varlion high-end racket, perfect for power players.

Miguel Yanguas has chosen this Bourne Summum Prisma racket for all his World Padel tour matches, where the punch must be his greatest surprise factor.

Varlion padel rackets for players with control.

Being carbon an important material in the control blades, the varlion blades have these characteristics, which is why they have come out very well on the market.

It is also worth highlighting the colors with which varlion has shown its new collection of 2022 rackets, colors that undoubtedly make the elegance of varlion continue in the world of paddle tennis.

Something to note is that this type of racket is that it works very well for those professional players since they will find in it a good recovery and precision of the ball.

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