Head backpacks 2022 on offer

The best padel backpacks of 2022. We have paddle backpacks for different levels of experience and any age. Head Backpacks are positioned as one of the best options. You will only have to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and the one that best suits your current level.

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Best Head Backpacks of 2022

At Stock Padel we have Head paddle backpacks for all ages and all levels of play, this brand is positioned as one of the best on the market, your choice is up to you.

Head backpacks have the capacity for a paddle, their designs are attractive to people's eyes, they also have departments to store all kinds of paddle utensils such as clothes, shoes and accessories.

These backpacks are light since they are made with the best materials for the comfort of the players, and it is easy to transport thanks to its padded materials for greater comfort.

Head padel backpacks for women

Head backpacks for women have more striking designs and a wide variety of colors.

They have padded compartments to store your racket in the best conditions, and an airy area to store your footwear.

In addition to an area to carry spare clothes and several smaller pockets to store your accessories.

Head padel backpacks for men

These Head paddle backpacks for men are multipurpose, since they not only serve to transport your paddle clothes but you can also take them on a trip, thanks to their compartments.

It has padded pockets to protect your paddle tennis racket, as well as front pockets to put your clothes and paddle shoes, it has a department in which you can store your dirty clothes and finally it has side pockets to store your accessories.

Head backpacks at the best price of 2022

In Stock Padel you can find Head backpacks from €30 to €70, depending on their quality and size.

Below we show you the different models from lowest to highest price:

Head Core Backpack

This Head backpack is medium in size, it has a department in which the entire padel racket fits and is fully protected thanks to its padding.

It has a central compartment to store clothes, a front compartment to store your accessories and padding on the back for better comfort.

Head Tour Team Extreme Backpack

At Stock Padel we have this Head backpack, which is one of the most demanded by the public, since it has different compartments.

It has a rear compartment in which you can store your racket fully protected, a central compartment to store your clothes, shoes or a laptop since the material is hard and rough.

It also has side pockets to store your accessories such as a wallet, mobile phone or keys.

Head Sanyo Backpack

We all know the great World Padel Tour player, Sanyo Gutierrez. Here we present his backpack. It is a backpack with perfect quality finishes to transport your paddle material.

It has a multitude of departments to store your paddle materials. It has a front compartment with velcro for your personal belongings, a central compartment for clothes and larger objects, a side compartment for water and a ball jar.

In addition to a compartment for dirty clothes and shoes, a rear compartment for shovels and a laptop, padding on the back for greater comfort and a central handle to carry the backpack with greater ease.

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