Wilson 2022 padel rackets on offer

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We have the best variety of Wilson padel rackets at a good price. We have Wilson second hand padel rackets for all ages and different levels of experience.

 Wilson Power & Control Rackets 2022

Wilson padel rackets may become the best option to improve your level. You will have to choose the one that best suits your taste and that best suits what your level of padel needs.

The American firm presents its new collection of Wilson padel rackets with a great value for money. One of the pioneering brands in the manufacture of padel rackets, such as the Wilson brand, has been betting heavily on a strong penetration in padel for several years in a more aggressive way than it had been doing previously.

This season introduces Bela's new legendary line. The quality of its rackets along with the best price is well known by all sports lovers, and it offers a wide range of cheap and quality Wilson paddle rackets.

Choose your Wilson racket according to your level of play

Initiation level

An ideal padel racket for beginner level players. It has a low balance that allows better control of the ball. In addition, it is a light and easy-to-handle model that adapts to all types of games. Its teardrop shape gives it extra power for players of this level.

Medium level

This type of racket provides comfort, durability and reliability to intermediate padel players working on their game.

A stable fiberglass knit construction is combined with a low-density EVA foam core for comfortable, confidence-building ball contact.

High-advanced level

A racket that meets the characteristics of an advanced level player, it has a layer of carbon fiber on the face to have greater responsiveness and power on contact.

The best offers on Wilson padel rackets of 2022

Wilson padel rackets are characterized by their great control and power, which is sought after by all types of players. In his collection we find great cheap Wilson padel rackets such as:

  • Wilson Carbon Force
  • Wilson Pro Staff
  • Wilson Ultra
  • Wilson Blade Tour
  • Wilson Bela Pro
  • Wilson Bela Elite
  • Wilson Bela Team


These are just some of its most demanded rackets by paddle players, all of them made with the best quality materials such as carbon, graphite or fiberglass. Without a doubt, in our opinion, they are rackets of the highest quality at the best possible price.

The Wilson Bela Pro padel racket by Fernando Belasteguin

The legendary padel player Fernando Belasteguín joins the prestigious Wilson brand which has developed, together with the player, a line of specific products made up of three high-end padel rackets:

-          Wilson Bela Pro

-          Wilson Bela Elite

-          Wilson Bela Team

Three high-end Wilson rackets developed by Fernando Belasteguín for all types of players.

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