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Section of offers in padel rackets. If you are thinking of buying a paddle racket on offer, we offer you a wide variety of shovels of first quality to get the most out of each meeting.

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Section of offers in padel rackets. If you are thinking of buying a paddle tennis racket on sale, we offer you a wide variety of top quality rackets to get the most out of each match.

The best 2022 offers of padel rackets are here

In Stock Padel we show you the biggest discounts on padel rackets of the season.

We constantly have great discounts of up to 80% off paddles in our paddle shop. Both in our physical store in Córdoba and here in our online store we have numerous offers of paddle tennis rackets that, although it is true, the stock is limited and "fly" among our most loyal customers.

Why are there so many paddle tennis sales? This is the reason.

The big brands have a high production of padel rackets, for the best padel rackets.

That said, we must be clear that the months of October, November and December are the best months to buy a paddle tennis racket on sale. Our liquidations vary between 30% and 60% discount with respect to the rest of the months of the year.

The quality of the product is similar, so we advise you that if you find one of our "padel bargains" you get it without hesitation.


We make offers of rackets:



       Star Vie

       paddle coach


Choose your cheapest padel racket

Each of the blades has its advantages and qualities, so choose before buying:

Round: Provides excellent control and low balance. Recommended for everyone, especially for beginners, as it is the easiest racket to learn to play padel.

Teardrop: versatile rackets with a great balance between control, balance and power. They are suitable for any player and are the most used by both professionals and novices.

Diamond: This blade shape has the most power and balance, but has low control. Recommended only for experts or players with a medium level of skill

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