Padel overgrips at the best price 2023

Enjoy the best Overgrips at a good price. We have overgrips for different levels of experience and any age. Overgrips are positioned as one of the best options. It only remains to choose your favorite overgrip and that best fits what your level of paddle needs.

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When we start to practice paddle tennis, as is evident, it is essential to have the right equipment. Generally, the racket and the shoes are the first thing we think about when buying the kit.

However, you should know that there are some great things forgotten in this aspect and that it is an article as necessary as those already mentioned: we refer to overgrips.

That is why we are talking about the best padel overgrips, which you can find both on our website and in our store.

The best padel overgrips for you

First of all, we want to clarify what these essential accessories are for practicing this sport. These are protections for the handle of the shovel. They are a kind of tape that is placed on the grip and that protects it and extends its useful life.

In addition, it improves grip, avoiding possible injuries or discomfort and allows greater control of the racket. There are players who use up to six or seven padel overgrips, although one or two is enough.

Depending on some factors such as the size of your hand, you will have to choose one type or another to achieve the ideal thickness for the handle of your shovel.

Although the most important thing is that they are quality overgrips and that you feel comfortable playing.

Leading padel overgrips brands: Adidas, Bullpadel, and Wilson

Since we want to offer you the best so that you can practice on a paddle with optimum comfort and maximum quality guarantee as far as your equipment is concerned, we have the best brands so that you can buy your paddle overgrips with the total confidence of acquiring products first.

Adidas Overgrips

As we all know, Adidas is one of the most important sports brands in the world. In this case we offer you a bucket containing 25 top quality overgrips. Enough for your padel matches to be a success and your racket to remain intact.

Bullpadel Overgrips

From the quintessential brand of this sport we have a blister containing three white overgrips. Also of the highest quality and perfect for those who do not use too many overgrips for their blades.

Wilson Overgrips

This brand is also a popular sports brand that provides quality products in order to improve the experience of the most athletic. How could it be otherwise, this firm also manufactures these accessories that are so important for paddle tennis players.

In this case, the Wilson padel overgrip is purchased in buckets of 60 units and is available in two different types: smooth overgrip and perforated overgrips. These are, then, the best padel overgrips and, as you can see, we put all of them at your disposal on our website.

Ensure maximum grip on the shovel and give it a long life. Remember that comfort is paramount when practicing your favorite sport with excellent results.


Paddle overgrips at the best price

At Stock Padel we offer you overgrips of all brands and all colors at the best price, it is an essential accessory for your padel racket to practice this sport, as it gives you a better grip on the racket.

In our store we will help you choose which is the best overgrip for you depending on your characteristics.

If you are a tall person, you will generally have larger hands and you will have to put on more than one overgrip to get the best grip on the racket.

Types of Overgrips


Smooth overgrips have high durability and provide full contact of the hand with the grip, which allows you to improve grip and control on all your shots.

On the other hand, it absorbs sweat very well and is a very pleasant touch for players.


The perforated overgrips have great durability, thanks to their micro-holes that they incorporate to prevent sweat from the hands.

It makes it easier for you to hold the blades and improves your level of play.

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