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We have the best padel shoes Nox at the best price on the market. We have padel shoes for women, men and children, both for those who are starting out and for the most veterans. Padel shoes Nox they are a perfect choice for their quality/price ratio. It only remains to choose your favorite product and that best fits what your level of paddle needs.

NOX 2024
NOX 2024
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Nox ML 10 Hexa Blue/Fiery Red Nox ML 10 Hexa Blue/Fiery Red 2
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Nox Padel Shoes

Nox ML 10 Hexa Blue/Fiery Red

€94.57 €130.00
Nox Padel Shoes

Nox At10 Lux CoolGrey Georgia

€103.50 €140.00
Nox Padel Shoes

Nox AT 10 Fiery Red-Black

€88.99 €120.00
Nox Padel Shoes

Nox AT10 White/Black

€107.97 €120.00
Nox Padel Shoes

At10 Lux Black/Sharp Green

€119.89 €140.00
Nox Padel Shoes

Nox ML10 Hexa Azul Lima

€43.78 €130.00
Nox Padel Shoes

sneakers Nox AT10 Lux White

€96.96 €140.00
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The Nox padel shoes are a perfect option for their quality / price ratio. It only remains to choose your preferred product and that best suits what your level of padel needs.

New collection of Nox padel footwear at the best price 2024

The Spanish padel firm has surprised everyone with the launch of a new collection of shoes. The new Nox padel shoes have recently developed technology and have been approved by experts.

The Nox padel shoes by Agustín Tapia, Lamperti and Gemelas Alayeto.

The Nox 2022 sneaker collection has five different models and various sizes available. They have a classic black design, with details in yellow, red and orange. But a new and elegant design in white was also presented.

In Stock paddle you can find three of them:

  • Nox AT10 Hexa Shoes 
  • Nox AT10 Lux Shoes Blue 
  • Nox AT10 Lux White Shoes

The most comfortable padel shoes are Nox, best quality

 nox padel shoes best price

One of the most striking aspects of the new Nox padel shoes is that they are committed to the health of the players. They have been analyzed and approved under a clinical team.

In this way, it is possible to guarantee greater protection against injuries and discomfort of the feet, such as plantar fasciitis.

Padel is an intense sport, with jumps, displacements and lateral supports. That is why each of the player's demands has been taken into account. This is the best way to ensure good performance, but also to ensure player safety.

 nox woman padel shoes

Nox padel footwear for man

All Nox padel shoes incorporate an antibacterial Ortholite sole to improve stability and prevent deformation of the sole.

Of course, Nox has taken cushioning into account and all models include the Abraxone system to protect the joints at all times.

  • AT10

The mid-range footwear model with which players can enter the world of paddle tennis through the front door. It incorporates the AGG technology that introduces a greater height in the drop to improve the starts of the game and minimize injuries.

  • AT10 Luxury

The Luxury model is Nox's high-end shoe, for men, it incorporates Lateral Support to achieve greater stability in the tread and in the game

Nox padel shoes for woman

The Nox padel shoes for women are focused on both aesthetics and functionalities, since as a general rule they need a different shape and greater lightness.

  • Nox AT10 LUX White

It is a padel footwear designed for health, as they offer very high comfort and great features so you can give your best on the court.