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Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox
Paddle Coach Bitubox

Paddle Coach Bitubox

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New Paddle Coach Bitubox 2020,manufactured with the best raw material on the market, the firm presents us this incredible model with a very clean design where we can see 3K carbon perfectly, which together with its double tubular make it a unique padel racket at the best price.

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Features of the new bitubox Paddle Coach ,perfect control.

The classic firm has presented its new padel coach 2020 padel racket collection,where we know the new Bitubox 2020 padel racket. Designed with the best raw material on the market,Paddle Coach has manufactured this padel racket with a double carbon tubular at the heart, something never seen and that certainly brings a very aggressive aesthetic. Its double tubular makes the new Paddle Coach Bitubox 2020 have an incredible balance. Inside we find a medium density EVA rubber, which together with its 3K carbon sheet in the plane makes it a padel racket with a perfect balance between control and power. Finally, the length of the cuff is 1 cm longer, allowing a better grip on the rest of the backhand. The design of this amazingPaddle Coach Bitubox 2020 has not gone unnoticed, due to its 3K carbon seen along with the mixture between blue and orange colors.

Review of the new Paddle Coach Bitubox 2020.

In Stock Padel we have tested thePaddle Coach Bitubox 2020, obtaining very comfortable sensations in all areas of the track. The first thing that stands out about this Paddle Coach is its double tubular and carbon 3 seen. Later, as soon as we start to sway we are surprised by the perfect balance that gives a feeling of very high control. If we jugador@s defensive ball we will notice exceptional comfort in the low balls at the bottom of the track, in wall bounces with a very good ball output and perfect control in each stroke. All this is also due to the comfortable and easy grip grip 1 cm longer. When we get on the net, its control is very precise and provides great security when flying, finishing or placing the ball in the right place. It is a padel racket that has delighted everyone who has tried it, first of all its aesthetic is minimalist and aggressive, and secondly because of the feeling of control and comfort offered by thisPaddle Coach Bitubox 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCCeuLlwe6w

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