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Varlion LW Carbon 3 DEF. Est.

Varlion LW Carbon 3 DEF. Est.

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Varlion LW Carbon 3, the best-selling padel racket in padel history. Varlion LW Carbon 3 is re-edited. There's not much to say about this racket, great handling, perfect control and incredible power.


In this case, this is a 2nd category model. What does this mean? Very easy, It is a totally new padel racket but it may have some aesthetic defect in its finish. Such defects are often almost invaluable by the consumer, but the brand does not allow its sale as a normal product so they carry a higher discount.

These aesthetic defects are usually: A non-exact placement of the decal, a drop in the final lacquering process, etc.). The racket is covered under warranty, with the exception of such defects. It's definitely a golden opportunity to get hold of a high-end racket at a great price.

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