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Dabber Euphoria Blue 2019
Dabber Euphoria Blue 2019
Dabber Euphoria Blue 2019
Dabber Euphoria Blue 2019

Dabber Euphoria Blue 2019

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Dabber Euphoria Blue, fantastic value for money. This model guarantees maximum performance within a paddle tennis court. Perfect control along with an incredible ball output, position this Dabber as a top padel racket on the market. Exclusive design of the 2019 Europe collection.

Made in Argentina.

If you are interested in distributing Dabber product in your area/club, you can contact the sales department here: [email protected]


Presentation of the racket:

The new Dabber Euphoria Blue is characterized by its high control and robustness. The frame is composed of a double tubular carbon fiber and graphite. The core is composed of EVA Soft Rubber. Its surface, composed of fiberglass + graphite, gives it an intermediate stiffness between carbon and fiberglass. This makes it have the famous touch of Dabber blades. Apadel racket with a lot of control and ball output. One of the best-selling padel rackets by Dabber.

The mold of this Dabber, gives it exceptional power when needed. It has the roughness feature of the signature. (Pioneer in this technology).


Its round shape makes it have the sweet spot in the center of the plane. It is a padel racket to which it is very easy to adapt, and its manageability is absolute.

Type of player:

Designed for advanced and intermediate players, whoare looking for high control and great manageability.


The most characteristic of the Dabber Euphoria Blue is its beautiful and aggressive design, using an electric blue with black details. The Dabber Euphoria Blue will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about in 2019.

All Dabber blades include a Dabber bag and a Head Pro S ball canister, or Head Pro ball can be found.

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