Women's Padel Shoes Black Friday 2023

In this category you can find the best discounts and the best offers of padel shoes for women during the week of Black Friday (November 21-27). You will find the best brands of women's padel shoes at the best price, we have brands such as Adidas, K-Swiss, Bullpadel, Babolat and Joma.

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Women's padel shoes at the best price Black Friday

We have the best variety of padel shoes for women at the best market price. We have padel shoes for all ages and different levels of experience.

The Padel Shoes for women are a perfect option for their quality / price ratio.

You will only have to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and that best suits what your level of padel needs.

Black Friday best deals on girl's padel shoes

In Stock Pádel you can find a wide selection of padel shoes for women. These shoes have the basic features that every paddle player needs.

The female public also has great deals on padel shoes. In this category you can find the best price on the market, along with shoes from different ranges. From beginner to footwear for advanced level players.

Best women's padel tennis shoes Black Friday 2022

From Stock Padel we offer you a list of the best girl's sneakers to practice paddle tennis, we have all the brands, sizes and colors.

Adidas padel sneakers for women Black Friday

  • Adidas Gamecourt 2 W White

These Adidas shoes for girls are made up of a herringbone sole, perfect for playing paddle tennis on synthetic grass surfaces.

They have great cushioning that makes them very comfortable in lateral movements and when positioning ourselves in tension in the net.

Black Friday in Bullpadel shoes for girls

  • Bullpadel Flow Hybrid Fly W 22 Salmon Fluor

Bullpadel padel sneakers, from the professional player of the World Padel Tour, Alejandra Salazar.

  • Bullpadel Flow Hybrid Fly Black

Bullpadel shoes for women of the highest range. Perfect for playing padel at the highest level.

  • Bullpadel Next Hybrid Pro W Dark Gray 22

Gray padel shoes for girls, with a herringbone sole for greater grip, perfect for playing at the highest level.

  • Bullpadel Next Hybrid Pro Woman Turquoise

Turquoise Bullpadel padel sneakers, herringbone sole for better grip on synthetic courts and have breathable and resistant fabrics.

Nox padel sneakers for women Black Friday

  • Nox AT10 Lux White Shoes

 This Nox shoe has been designed to increase comfort in each movement, and reduce the risk of injury to paddle tennis players.

Babolat paddle shoes for girls on Black Friday offer

  • Babolat Sensa Women White

Babolat padel shoes in white, perfect for girls with an intermediate or advanced level of play, who demand the most from their shoes. Made with a Michelin sole, which alternates the herringbone and the micro stud.

  • Babolat Jet Ritma Women Gray

Babolat padel tennis shoes for girls, with a mixed sole that alternates herringbone and micro studs to provide greater grip on the paddle court.

  • Babolat Sensa Women

 Babolat sneakers with high-resistance fabric along with a sole that improves the depth of its pattern, affecting the grip on the court and improving the wear of the sole.

  • Babolat Jet Ritma Women

In this model of women's padel shoes they have modified the shape of the sole and lateral reinforcements making it less rough than the male version. Of course, the division of the sole into three zones that maximize flexibility in each movement is maintained.

Black Friday in women's padel shoes Drop Shot

  • Drop Shot Veroa

Padel shoe for girls. High quality herringbone sole, maximum comfort and breathability. nice design

  • Drop Shot Milow

These Drop Shot sneakers have a main virtue that is grip, cushioning, and above all stability.

We achieve freedom of movement in the instep area that allows us to have a sensation of touch, which together with the heel stabilizer, makes our foot perfectly supported and stable.

  • Drop Shot Mantis W

Padel shoe for girls from the Drop Shot brand. It has a herringbone sole to have a great grip and greater freedom on the court.

Cheap K-Swiss padel sneakers for girls Black Friday

  • K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Woman

Kswiss padel shoes for high-end women are characterized by their comfort in treading and the high quality of the materials. Deep herringbone outsole that maximizes grip with every move.

  • K-Swiss Court Express Hb Pink

Padel shoes for women, in white and pink. herringbone sole perfect for synthetic grass. Great value for money, herringbone sole and highly durable material on the outside.

  • K-Swiss Court Express Woman

K-Swiss paddle tennis shoes for women, very comfortable and durable.

Head padel sneakers for women Black Friday

  • Head Sprint Pro 2.5 Women's Shoes

Head padel shoes for girls. Made with the highest quality materials, the herringbone sole is perfect for synthetic grass.

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