Padel rackets for woman

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The best light padel rackets for women 2021

To know if a girl's padel racket is high-end, we must take into account various factors in its manufacture

  • Carbon fiber or fiberglass
  • Round or teardrop
  • Light weight
  • Soft or hard eva

Being clear about the characteristics of a paddle racket, we only have to adjust to the needs of the player. Actually, a racket is the same whether it is for a man or a woman. The only factor that most women adjust is the weight of the racket.

Among the racket of the top players of World Padel Tour we can find the following models:

  • Adidas Adipower Light 3.0 by Martita Ortega

  • Nox MJ10 Luxury by Majo Sanchez Alayeto

  • Nox MP10 Luxury by Mapi Sanchez Alayeto

  • Bullpadel Flow Woman 2021 by Alejandra Salazar

  • Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman by Delfi Brea

  • Babolat Revenge Woman by Victoria Iglesias

Otherwise, depending on our game, we will have to decide what combination of materials we want in our racket. We must bear in mind that most of these rackets for women have a low weight that ranges between 340 grams and 365 grams.

The cheapest entry level women's rackets

If we are looking for a racket for initiation women, we should choose a racket made of 100% fiberglass, both in the fram and the face. Inside, a soft rubber will give us the perfect ball output to make you feel very comfortable playing.

The initiation women's shovels usually have a cheap price, and allow us to start in the paddle without making a large investment. Prices will be between € 50 and € 80

Control or power women's rackets? Low weight

The choice of a padel racket for women will vary depending on the style of play we have:

- If we play to the left, our style is offensive and we are good at the shot, the tray or the game on the volley, we should decide on an attacking racket. For this, there are several fundamental qualities that a power racket must have:

o Teardrop or diamond shape

o 100% carbon, both tubular and flat

o Hard or medium EVA rubber.

All this will add strength to our racket, which combined with a high balance, will allow what we call “lever” when it comes to finishing or playing near the net. It must be said that they are less manageable rackets at the bottom of the court, but we count on that, if our game is offensive, we have a refined technique that will allow us to perfectly handle this type of racquet.

- On the other hand, if our style of play has more to do with placing the ball, we usually play on the right side or we prefer to defend than to attack, we are surely more comfortable with a women's control racket.

o Round shape

o Carbon fiber or fiberglass

o Low weight

o EVA rubber of medium or soft density.

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